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Ravens: Overrated & Underrated

Which player on the team is not quite as good as advertised and which one is better than you think.

Jeff Gross

Senior NFL Columnist Pete Prisco of wrote a story listing each of the NFL 32 team's most overrated and underrated players. He also lists the "winners" in each category, naming the league's most overrated and underrated players. Thankfully, neither is a member of the Baltimore Ravens.

However, for the Ravens Prisco did come up with the two guys we should both be aware that he is just not that good as well as one who we should be glad he is on our team. True Ravens fans may not be surprised by either of the names, as their value to the team has been debated many a time before here on Baltimore Beatdown.

Here's what he said on the two Ravens players at the opposite end of his spectrum:

Overrated: RT Michael Oher. He played better when he moved to the right side in the playoff run, but his play in recent years has been a major concern.

Underrated: CB Corey Graham. They signed him to be a backup and special-teams player and he ended up being a key to their Super Bowl run.

Click on the link above to read his picks for the rest of the league.