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Ravens & NFL: What Are The Odds?

The NFL might not like it, but football betting is one of the biggest gambling topics, both during and in-between the seasons.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As soon as the Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII, the odds of winning next year's Super Bowl began to flood the wagering market from so many sites. Most had the Ravens as relative long-shots to repeat, with the San Francisco 49ers looking like the favorites from the NFC and the Denver Broncos from the AFC.

Other teams with seemingly better chances to hoist the Lombardi Trophy include the New England Patriots, Houston Texans, Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers. Heck, some site even have the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals having a better shot at the Super Bowl than the Ravens.

The odds-makers drool when certain players make the news. For instance, the signing of Tim Tebow by the Patriots resulted in a slew of odds on his 2013 performance, from the number of TD's he will score, will he throw a TD pass and if he will even make New England's final roster.

Did you know that Tebow has been the only Heisman Trophy winner in the past 25 years to QB a team to a playoff victory?

While we here at Baltimore Beatdown to not encourage nor discourage sports betting, there are so many choices to make when and how to place your wagers. If you are interested in NFL sports betting, look at all the angles, trends, records and other stats before you find your own "Stone Cold Lock of the Week" to lay down your hard-earned cash!