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Are we finally set at MLB?

With Daryl Smith, we just might have enough MLB's.

If you haven't been paying attention, we signed Daryl Smith a couple days ago. It shows that Ozzie and Co. were not yet satisfied with our MLB's. I think with this signing, we have got all the talent and depth we need. We have 2 solid starters with Daryl Smith and a healthy Jameel McClain. We have a good rookie 2nd round pick in Arthur Brown. We have plenty of depth with Albert McClellan, Josh Bynes, Nigel Carr, and DL converted Bryan Hall. I'm sure if Ozzie is still not impressed (which I think he is), he will just pick up somebody else. I think our MLB situation once again shows how much of a genius Ozzie is. We lose Ray Lewis to retirement. We expected that, but it still got some people to panic. We then lose Dannell Ellerbe to free agency. Ozzie again doesn't panic, as it was too big of a contract to match. We sign Rolando McClain, but most people think he will be gone anyway. In the draft, Ozzie waits patiently for Arthur Brown to fall to us. He watches as MLB-needy teams such as Buffalo and Chicago take Kiko Alonso and Jon Bostic. Once Brown falls enough, he trades up to get him. Afterwards, Rolando retires. We more than make up for that loss by signing Daryl Smith, who if not for an injury, would be one of the top 10 LB's on the market.