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What Ravens Jersey Is In Your Closet?

Many fans have the jersey of their favorite player or players. It's a huge part of the revenue that the NFL makes as part of their apparel sales.


When Art Modell, former owner of the Baltimore Ravens, moved the Cleveland Browns to this city, the name change and new jerseys sparked a huge stampede to get replica jerseys of the newest players. That was 17 years ago and a lot of players have worn the colors of the Ravens during that span.

Players come and go, meaning time to buy new jerseys of the players as they join the team. My first Ravens jersey was QB Vinny Testeverde. Next came Tony Banks and then Elvis Grbac. It seemed that any jersey that I bought spelled doom for that player's time in Baltimore. Friends have been telling me for years not to buy a Joe Flacco jersey, lest I jinx the franchise QB.

A few years ago, I purchased an Arizona Cardinals Pat Tillman jersey, mainly because the proceeds went to the charity related to his military background. Local fans berated me for wearing it, as it looked a bit too much like a Washington Redskins jersey, so it spends virtually all of its time in my closet.

Since then, I've never been much of a jersey guy, but the stands of M&T Bank Stadium are filled with fans wearing their favorite player's jersey. Which one or ones do you have and in order, which is the favorite in your collection, if you have multiple jerseys?

You might even have received a Ravens jersey with your own name on it, just like President Obama did in the team's visit to the White House earlier this week.

If there is a story behind it, let us know that as well. In addition, do you own a non-Ravens jersey like my Tillman one, or perhaps even a vintage Baltimore Colts one as well?