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Open Thread: Pollard Deserving of Top 100 Ranking?

The players voted Bernard the 87th best player of 2013, but does he deserve it?


The NFL Network has completed their 3rd annual 'Top 100 Players of 2013' survey, voted on by the players and it was revealed that former Baltimore Ravens safety Bernard Pollard was voted the 87th best player league, even ahead of Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu (#91), who saw his ranking drop like a rock after an injury plagued 2012 season. Personally i believe Pollard is ranked too high, possibly because of the Ravens' championship season. I like Pollard's hard-nosed mentality and the physicality he brings to a game that is becoming much less physical. Having said that, Pollard's coverage skills are far from good as he often blew assignments in the secondary and physicality also resulted in a lot of costly penalties against the Ravens.

That, however, is just my humble opinion, feel free to discuss and share yours in the comment box.