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Aaron Mellette Impresses At Mini Camp

The Ravens second to last draft pick showed off at the teams first mini camp.


Most Ravens fans and media pundits around Baltimore are very happy with the teams 2013 draft class. The Baltimore Ravens addressed almost every key area of need they had coming into the draft with high quality competition. However, if there is one area that is being scrutinized heavily it is the wide receiver position after having traded number one wide receiver Anquan Boldin to the San Fransisco 49ers. The Ravens did not draft a wide receiver until the 7th round where they selected Elon wide out Aaron Mellette.

Boldin was a key cog in the receiving game through out the playoffs as he frequently outmatched defenders for jump balls and ran precise and crisp routes that are virtually un-coverable to most defenders. In the receiving department the Ravens have speed to spare but they could be lacking a "hands" guy. A chain mover. Coincidentally they are now missing the very thing they were scrutinized for having too much of over the past several years.

Now, enter Mellette. Not known for his over all speed, Mellette is known for his jump ball and box out capabilities that he displayed in college. Much like Boldin he is a big bodied receiver that thrives on being more physical than the man covering him. According to The Carrol County Times reporter Matt Zenits, Mellette showed great route running ability and very natural receiving skills in the Ravens recent rookie mini camp as well. During an interview with 105.7 The Fan today Zenits named Mellette as one of the players who stood out a bit over the weekend.

This could be great news for a Ravens team that needs the exact skill set that the former Elon wide out possess. Mellette was expected to be drafted in the middle rounds but fell all the way to the seventh where the Ravens plucked him out of thin air, as they do with most of their draft picks. There will be strong competition for the third and fourth receiver position but maybe, just maybe we could get to see a bit of the rookie on the field this season.