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The Transformation of Jacoby Jones

Jacoby Jones had a breakout year. Can he continue his progression?


Jacoby Jones has certainly come a long way since January of 2012. During that time, he came to M&T Bank Stadium with the Houston Texans in the Divisional Playoffs and made one play that sent him right out of town. The Texans had all the momentum and he dropped a punt in the first quarter, which gifted the Ravens a touchdown. The Ravens were able to hang on and win, but the story in Houston was about Jones. The fans and mostly the media ran him out of town. They are now more than surprised that Jacoby has a Super Bowl ring.

Jacoby transformed himself from punt returner to game changer. He had the best season on his career. He became truly dangerous on the field and ended up with two record setting kick returns for touchdowns. He also scored two long touchdowns during the Super Bowl run. He did not have his best year receiving, but he did become someone who the opposition fears whenever he touches the ball.

The Ravens have put a lot of trust in Jones. They have not made a meaningful upgrade at receiver and got rid of Anquan Boldin. Alongside Torrey Smith, Jacoby is going to need to step up. Jones made great strides in his career last year, but if he wants to have a long career he is going to need to be more than just a kick returner. When Dancing with the Stars is over, Jacoby needs to focus on football as this might be the most important season of his career. John Harbaugh is going to give him real responsibility and let’s hope he can respond. Do you think Jacoby Jones can be a number two receiver for the Ravens in 2013?