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Baltimore Ravens Sign Murphy Holloway

As Bruce posted earlier today, the Baltimore Ravens have signed Ole Miss power forward Murphy Holloway. Murphy Holloway will be converting to a tight-end in the NFL.

Jamie Squire

In an NFL filled with former collegiate dual-sport-stars such as Antonio Gates, Tony Gonzalez, and Jimmy Graham he Baltimore Ravens hope to add another name to the list of basketball players who transformed into football-stars by signing Ole Miss power forward, Murphy Holloway.

Murphy is a 6-7, 250lb physical specimen who averaged close to a double-double last year for Ole Miss. Due to being undersized for a power forward he's received very little attention for a future in the NBA. His height and athleticism has made him an extremely tantalizing prospect for NFL scouts, however. The only downfall about Murphy is that he has not played football since his sophomore year in high school, so we have no idea exactly what he brings to the table as a player.

While it is an extremely long shot for Holloway to make the final roster, it is certainly an exciting prospect to have a 6-7, 250lb tight-end.