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Three Bold Ravens Predictions For 2013

Below are my three 2013 Ravens bold predictions.


Every year you see members of the media make bold predictions for sports. I want to start a Baltimore Beatdown Ravens 2013 bold predictions thread. Feel free to comment and leave any bold predictions you want to make for the 2013 season!

1. The Baltimore Ravens WILL have the Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2013: It's a tossup to me between Matt Elam and Arthur Brown, both are super talented and have the ability to make plays to garnish enough attention to win the award.

2. The Baltimore Ravens WILL make it to the AFC Championship: Last years team got hot at the right time and won the Super Bowl. This team is a wide receiver away from being better than they were last season. The defense finished in the bottom half of the league last season and got younger and faster so that WON'T be happening again.

3. Joe Flacco WILL have 4,000 Passing Yards for the first time in his career: Since Joe has entered the league not only have the Ravens made the playoffs, but he's gotten better. This year Joe takes the next step and reaches that 4,000 yard plateau. We are still in search of a number two receiver but I trust Ozzie to find one. I see Joe only improving and leading us back to the playoffs for a 6th straight season.