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JaMarcus Russell Update

According to NFL network's Ian Rappaport, JaMarcus Russell has lost 50 pounds since he started training again for football. Could he make a comeback? Let's hope the Ravens AREN'T interested...

Ezra Shaw

JaMarcus Russell was broke and over 300 pounds just 6 months ago. He has shown significant improvement since, slimming down to 265 (his weight when he was drafted into the league in 2007), and is reported to be throwing like he once did as a solid quarterback at LSU.

Apparently, there is significant interest from more than one team in JaMarcus Russell, but none of those teams wanted to be publicly identified, for obvious reasons. The way I see it, JaMarcus has a decent chance of playing back-up somewhere like Tamba Bay or New Orleans, where he could learn under a skilled starting quarterback. I don't think that will be fully realized for him before the start of this coming season, but he may find more use getting throws in the CFL, and then working his way up to the pros.

I do admire Russell's second wind of hope and determination here, but must admit I am also certain the Ravens are not one of those teams interested in Russell. He has no place in Baltimore, and Newsome knows better than to be the guy who takes a second chance on one of the biggest busts of all time. If Russell really is getting back to his college strength, I'm impressed. All the power to him, seriously. The JaMarcus Russell story has been an entertaining one to follow.