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Who Is The Fastest Player On The Baltimore Ravens?

With the recent comments by Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick that he believes he's the fastest QB in the league, let's take a look at our own team's speediest players.


According to a story on, Philadelphia QB Michael Vick said that he's faster than Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III and San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick, and is willing to back it up in a 40-yard dash race. I think if you were looking at the fastest quarterbacks in the league, you'd have to add Cam Newton, Russell Wilson and now even New York Jets QB Geno Smith.

However, you'll not see guys like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, Eli Manning, Aaron Rodgers or even Joe Flacco in this category. Speaking of the Baltimore Ravens, this topic made me wonder who the fastest player on the team might be?

Looking at the team's roster, the guys I'd line up in a March Madness-style, in no apparent order, would be:

RB Damien Berry

SS Matt Elam

WR Jacoby Jones

RB Bobby Rainey

RB Ray Rice

CB Jimmy Smith

WR Torrey Smith

WR Tommy Streeter

QB Tyrod Taylor

WR Deonte Thompson

Searching the web and looking at the reported 40-yard dash times, we could eliminate Damien Berry (4.63), Matt Elam (4.54), Tyrod Taylor (4.52) and Bobby Rainey (4.51). Surprisingly, the next slowest after the aforementioned grouping is Jacoby Jones (4.50).

The sub-4.5 group includes Jimmy Smith (4.46), Torrey Smith (4.43),Ry Rice (4.42) and Tommy Streeter (4.40). The only Ravens player witha reported sub-4.4 forty-yard dash time is Deonte Thompson.

True fans of the NFL know that straight-line speed does not necessarily translate to speed on the football field, as one obviously noticed when Jacoby took the opening kickoff of the second half 108 yards for a TD in Super Bowl XLVII. However, for unofficial discussion purposes, it looks like that unless someone can prove it otherwise, Deonte Thompson appears to be the fastest player on the Baltimore Ravens until someone dethrones him.

Hmmm....wonder if the Ravens would consider a fund-raising contest.....