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SB Nation's Ravens 2013 NFL Draft Review

SB Nation's NFL Draft Editor, Dan Kadar, took a look at the baltimore Ravens 2013 draft class and gave us this review:

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

"Looking at the Ravens' draft class this year, I'm sure it made opposing AFC North teams furious. Finally, Ed Reed and Ray Lewis are gone in Baltimore. But what does Ozzie Newsome do to replace them? He drafts Matt Elam, who can hit harder than Reed, and Arthur Brown, who is a faster athlete than Lewis. Now that is not to say Elam is as good as Reed. He's not quite the coverage safety. But he can really rock a receiver. Brown was a brilliant pick up in the second round. He's so fast and active on the field. There's not going to be a lot of drop off in the linebacker play with Brown in the fold. Don't forget, he's the guy who chased down Robert Griffin III a couple years ago when Kansas State upset Baylor. He also broke Geno Smith's string of more than 200 pass attempts without an interception. Brown is just a guy who knows how to get himself into a position to make plays.

Baltimore had a couple other picks that stood out. Heading into the draft, I had no idea how John Simon fits into the NFL. But now that he's on Baltimore, I can't help but think he'll be used in a way similar to how they used Jarrett Johnson in the past. He's not overly athletic, but he's always going to be the most prepared player and will quickly earn the respect of teammates. Another I liked was Ricky Wagner in the fifth round. I don't recall the last Wisconsin lineman with that many starts who didn't go on to some success in the NFL. He's a guy who I think will be able to play every line position except center. Kapron Lewis-Moore is an easy transition as a depth piece on the defensive line. Aaron Mellette, physically, is almost a clone of Tandon Doss. Marc Anthony, the seventh round cornerback, has some good tape. I'm not sure why he lasted so long in the draft."