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NFL Draft Moved to May

The NFL has moved the 2014 NFL Draft back two weeks from its normally scheduled dates

Chris Chambers

It looks as if NFL teams and fans will have to wait an extra two weeks for draft day in 2014. The NFL has decided to move its annual draft to May 8-10 in 2014 due to a scheduling conflict with Radio City Music Hall. Apparently, Radio City will be hosting an Easter event next year at the same time the draft would normally occur.

Aside from an extra two-week wait, all this move really means is that we will have to deal with another two weeks of mock drafts, pointless draft speculation and over-analyzation of draft prospects. According to the NFL, there are number of alternative venues and dates being considered for future drafts, but no specifics have been released at this point. The NFL also emphasized that the date change will not affect the timetable for any other offseason events or activities.