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The Reason For Your Baltimore Beatdown Screen Name

Some of us use of real name and others make up something else, and there has to be a reason behind it.

When I first started writing here on Baltimore Beatdown, I used the name, "Rexx," which is part of my email address and a name I've used for a while. Rexx was a dog I had years ago. He was a mix of a yellow lab and German Shepherd, but was all bright white. He liked to spend a lot of time outdoors and so we put him and our other dogs on the Invisible Fence, since we had around an acre of property and wanted them to have the freedom of being outdoors as much as they wanted.

One New Year's Eve, Rexx was outside and neighbors lit off fireworks at midnight and Rexx, scared by the loud noises, bolted through the electrical fence and into the woods. He didn't return for a while so we jumped in the car and rode all around, yelling for him, without any luck.

He never returned and while we posted signs and called all around, we never found him. Thus, I've held onto this name in his memory, since he was a cool and unique dog that we loved and missed.

When Baltimore Beatdown grew and earned me media credentials to the Baltimore Ravens training Camp, I felt it best that I use my real name and be proud of what I wrote under it at the top of each article.

What's the story behind your Baltimore Beatdown name?