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Football in 2028

ESPN Magazine recently did a piece on the future of sports. They have some interesting speculations for how football will be played and watched.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN has some bold predictions for where sports will be 15 years from now. But if you think about it, sports have come a long way since 1998 as well, which leads me to believe ESPN's predictions are not so farfetched. Some highlights:

1-5 years:

BAE sensors in helmets that record the severity of the impact of hits

Leap Motion technology that turns your hand into a remote control, fans will be able to control what they see and flip channels with a subtle wave or gesture

Solar canopy stadium roofs. Essentially rooftop farms that sustainably grow food concessions. The 49ers are already working on one at their new stadium in Santa Clara, CA

5-10 years:

Nanotechnology coatings that will allow beer to retain its cold temperature for up to an hour outside a fridge or cooler

Helmet air bag technology. This means that shoulder pad sensors will trigger padding expansion in the helmet before a big hit happens.

10-15 years:

Self-park parking lots. The premise is that a fan can be dropped off either at the stadium entrance or tailgate area and the car will park itself in the lot and then return when the game is over.

3-D hologram representations of the team's away games. These 3-D showings will be held at the team's home stadium, so fans can watch their team playing thousands of miles away but still get at least half the experience.

Technology that changes the channel to whatever the fan is thinking. It sounds absurdly lazy, but Emotiv EEG headsets are designed to read brain waves, and will react based on that.

Exterior plates in helmets that spring forth prior to impact, thus dulling the impact of hits. The military already employs something similar with their M1 Abrams tanks.

"Olfactory displays that can generate a localized odor distribution." Fans will be able to smell the glove, football, turf, etc. from their couch.