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Canty: Flacco Better Than Eli

Chris Canty thinks his new quarterback Joe Flacco is better than two time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning.

Al Bello

New Baltimore Raven defensive tackle and former New York Giant Chris Canty isn't wasting any time letting his new team find out how he feels about them, especially his new quarterback Joe Flacco. Here are some quotes from an interview with around the league writer Chris Wesseling.

Why Flacco? "Because he won a Super Bowl and he's one of the best deep-ball throwers in the National Football League," Canty told NBC Sports' Pro Football Talk. "Absolutely. Take a look at the tape."

Canty does credit Eli for "being good in clutch situations when you've got to have that fourth-quarter drive," but he simply has more faith in Flacco's "beautiful deep ball" and the Ravens' vertical passing game.

Of course, Canty could be saying this to get in good with his new teammates but is undoubtedly spot on with his deep ball comments. Flacco has engrained himself as the NFL's best deep ball thrower over the past few seasons since he has had a reliable deep threat in Torrey Smith.

Most Ravens fans will probably tell you the same thing about their quarterback after his Super Bowl MVP and 11 touchdown to zero interception playoff performance from last year. However, had this question been asked before the playoffs last season, you may have gotten a completely different answer. Whether it was the mending of the offensive line in Baltimore or the firing of offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and subsequent promotion of Jim Caldwell that changed Flacco's game, one thing is for sure, it changed for the better.

If Flacco continues his dominant play in 2013 he will push himself into the conversation for best quarterback in the league. Many fans see him doing just that.