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Joe Flacco to be 13th Best QB This Season?

According to's Marc Sessler Joe Cool is will be the 13th QB in the NFL and in the same group as Tony Romo and Jay Cutler.


Just last week Marc Sessler from posted his NFL rankings on how the QB's across the NFL will perform this upcoming season. Now let me say I usually don't take ratings seriously because I always feel that they tend to be biased and don't take the full picture into account to me. Generally when they rank players they do it from a fantasy football stand point which is completely different from a normal football standpoint.

Fantasy football doesn't take into account the fact that some guys just flat out win, whether it's ugly or not. Joe may not have the prettiest stats but he has the most wins of any QB over the past few seasons. He has playoff appearances and wins in the past five seasons and one Super Bowl victory and is a dropped pass away from two Super Bowl appearances. The rankings can be seen here:

To me one of the problems is that it seems that these rankings were made with preconceived template of groups like the 5 Young Guns he has listed above Joe. To me it's a little insulting to have Joe in the same category as Tony Romo and Jay Cutler. Romo is good and puts up great numbers but he flat out does NOT get it done when it counts and Jay Cutler just doesn't perform well. Joe puts up average numbers but he wins and to me that is the most important thing that you can have in a QB.