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Joe Has The Fifth Fastest Release In NFL

Joe Sargent

Throughout the first years of this NFL career, Joe Flacco was heavily criticized for his "lack of pocket awareness". Many critics cited his inability to make quick decisions and said that he took too long to let plays develop. Well it appears as if those critics have been put to rest this season, according to an article I read on Pro Football Focus:

He got rid of the ball in less than 2.5 seconds on 54.5 percent of 310 passing plays in 2012. That was better than 2011, when he released the ball in less than 2.5 seconds on 52.6 percent of 303 passing plays. Only two sacks were Flacco’s “fault” by not getting rid of the ball fast enough.

The majority of Flacco's success came in the period after the Baltimore Ravens fired Cam Cameron and put the reigns in the hands of Jim Caldwell.

It is extremely exciting to see Joe Flacco progressing into the type of elite quarterback we all hoped he would be whenever we drafted him back in 2008.