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Ray Lewis Conquering Kilamanjaro?

After Conquering the NFL, Ray Lewis has his sights set another feat of greatness


One the biggest challenges that great athletes face upon retirement is finding ways to keep busy and help fill the void that was once occupied by the game they love. Apparently, Ray Lewis plans on adding another feat of greatness to his already storied legacy.

Lewis tweeted on Thursday that he plans to take on the challenge of climbing Mt. Kilamanjaro, which stands at 19,000 feet above sea level and has been the bane of numerous climbers throughout history. Lewis' goal is to reach the top in an effort to raise money as well as awareness for an African clean water project. "I am so fired up for this adventure" Lewis told the Baltimore Sun on Thursday, "But until then, I need your help to bring clean water wells to thousands of children and families." If he should succeed in this endeavor, there is no doubt that Lewis would further cement himself as one of the greatest athletes we have ever seen.