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Bet The House On The Ravens

Every NFL fan knows how hard it is to repeat as Super Bowl Champions, but does that mean half of the NFL has a better shot?


The Baltimore Ravens might be the defending Super Bowl Champions but are not only not favored to repeat as NFL Champs, they aren't even favored to win the AFC North.

That curent honor goes to the Pittsburgh Steelers and while the Ravens are expected to make the playoffs (as the Wild Card), according to RJ Bell of, the Cincinnati Bengals still have shorter odds of winning the Super Bowl than the Ravens.

Baltimore is currently tied with three other teams as the 17th choice to win it all, at 50-1 odds. The Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions and Carolina Panthers are also 50-1 odds to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. None of the other three teams finished with over a .500 record last season, as the Dolphins and Panthers went 7-9 and the Lions went 4-12.

The Steelers are expected to win ten games next season and the AFC North title. The Ravens and Bengals over/under win total is 8.5, yet Cincinnati is 45-1 to win the Super Bowl, while Baltimore is a longer shot at 50-1.

The Denver Broncos, New England Patriots and Houston Texans, along with the Steelers are the AFC teams all expected to eclipse the Ravens win total. While the Ravens have had a lot of turnover from last season, the additions seem to more than make up for their losses. However, even if not, 50-1 odds for the defending Super Bowl Champions is not only surprisingly a huge longshot, but incredibly disrespectful

Bet the house on the Ravens, as a $100 bet could end up bringing you $5000 if they repeat. Sounds like a bet to me!

Here are all the win totals and Super Bowl odds:

Las Vegas, Nevada (May 21, 2013) - from RJ Bell of

NEW! Las Vegas Win Totals – Bet Over or Under
(with playoff projections based on projected wins)

San Francisco 49ers: 11.5 wins (NFC West winner)
Denver Broncos: 11.5 wins (AFC West winner)
New England Patriots: 11 wins (AFC East winner)
Seattle Seahawks: 10.5 wins (#1 NFC Wildcard)
Houston Texans: 10 wins (AFC South winner)
Green Bay Packers: 10 wins (AFC North winner)
Atlanta Falcons: 10 wins (NFC South winner)
New Orleans Saints: 9 wins (#2 NFC Wildcard)
Pittsburgh Steelers: 9 wins (AFC North winner)
NY Giants: 9 wins (NFC East winner)
Baltimore Ravens: 8.5 wins (#1 AFC wildcard)
Chicago Bears: 8.5 wins
Indianapolis Colts: 8.5 wins (#2 AFC wildcard)
Cincinnati Bengals: 8.5 wins
Dallas Cowboys: 8 wins
Washington Redskins: 8 wins
Tampa Bay Bucs: 8 wins
Miami Dolphins: 7.5 wins
Minnesota Vikings: 7.5 wins
Detroit Lions: 7.5 wins
San Diego Chargers: 7.5 wins
Kansas City Chiefs: 7.5 wins
St. Louis Rams: 7 wins
Carolina Panthers: 7 wins
Philadelphia Eagles: 7 wins
Tennessee Titans: 6.5 wins
NY Jets: 6.5 wins
Buffalo Bills: 6.5 wins
Cleveland Browns: 6 wins
Oakland Raiders: 5.5 wins
Arizona Cardinals: 5 wins
Jacksonville Jags: 5 wins

Updated Super Bowl odds:

San Francisco 49ers: 5/1
Denver Broncos: 6/1
New England Patriots: 7/1
Seattle Seahawks: 8/1
Green Bay Packers: 15/1
Houston Texans: 18/1
Atlanta Falcons: 18/1
New Orleans Saints: 20/1
NY Giants: 30/1
Pittsburgh Steelers: 32/1
Chicago Bears: 35/1
Dallas Cowboys: 35/1
Washington Redskins: 40/1
Philadelphia Eagles: 40/1
Indianapolis Colts: 45/1
Cincinnati Bengals: 45/1
Miami Dolphins: 50/1
Baltimore Ravens: 50/1
Detroit Lions: 50/1
Carolina Panthers: 50/1
Minnesota Vikings: 55/1
San Diego Chargers: 60/1
Kansas City Chiefs: 60/1
Tampa Bay Bucs: 65/1
St. Louis Rams: 70/1
NY Jets: 100/1
Tennessee Titans: 110/1
Buffalo Bills: 125/1C
leveland Browns: 125/1
Oakland Raiders: 150/1
Arizona Cardinals: 200/1
Jacksonville Jags: 250/1

[odds are a consensus average from Las Vegas sportsbooks, including LVH and Cantor, and offshore sportsbooks]

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