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Who Leads Ravens In Carries

Will Ray Rice Or Bernard Pierce lead the team on the ground?


If the question was" Who will get more touches?" then I think Ray Rice would be a lock but with Pierce coming on strong as an open field runner last season and the Ravens, most likely, looking to limit the wear and tear on Rice's body as he gets older, who will control the run game in 2013?

Ray Rice did have some costly playoff fumbles that lead to Bernard Pierce seeing more action. Will that trend continue this season? Rice has been rumored to being used more in the passing game this season. He could take on more of a Darren Sproles type role in the Ravens offense with Pierce being the more pure running back. This would help Rice prolong his career and let the Ravens really see what they have in Pierce.

No question both players will see their fair share of playing time this year but I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a bit more of Pierce than expected in the run game.