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Which Number Will Your Favorite Rookie Wear?

In other news, the Baltimore Ravens have re-signed Offensive Tackle, Bryant McKinnie. Baltimore also struck deals with draft-picks Kapron Lewis-Moore and Rick Wagner.


Earlier today the Baltimore Ravens' rookies reported for the first day of their NFL careers, arriving for this weekend's minicamps. Upon arrival these young men were assigned their numbers and received their jerseys. Something worth noting is that both #20 and #52 went unassigned, as one or both numbers will probably be retired in a few years. So without any further ado, here's the list:

-Matt Elam (#31)

-Arthur Brown (#59)

-Brandon Williams (#98)

-John Simon (#47)

-Kyle Juszczyk (#40)

-Rick Wagner (#71)

-Kapron Lewis-Moore (#67)

-Ryan Jensen (#77)

-Aaron Mellette (#80)

-Marc Anthony (#36)

I have to say I'm a huge fan of the numbers that have been assigned, especially to the first three picks. I think there's a bit of poetic justice in the fact that both Matt Elam and Arthur Brown will be wearing the number of the their predecessors (Elam with Pollard's number and Brown with Ellerbe's).