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Baltimore Ravens: "Mount Rushmore"

A lot of NFL teams are putting together their best shots at determining which four current players would be featured on their own version of Mount Rushmore.

Who would be on the Baltimore Ravens version of Mt. Rushmore?
Who would be on the Baltimore Ravens version of Mt. Rushmore?

If the Baltimore Ravens had to pick four players to be the team's version of the South Dakota landmark featuring four US Presidents (do you remember which ones are on it?), who on the current team would you pick? It might have been a much easier question if we posed it to you a year ago, but with the exodus of a bunch of veterans since winning Super Bowl XLVII, there should be much more debate generated by this task.

Pro Football Talk apparently started this whole "Mount Rushmore" thing, and other websites jumped on board to do their own thing, so I thought we'd put it out there for Ravens fans to debate the four from your favorite team.

I was asked this question in a recent podcast interview and my four current Ravens were Joe Flacco and Ray Rice from the offense and Terrell Suggs and Haloti Ngata from the defense.

You can also list who would have been on it from the 2012-13 Super Bowl 47 winning team. Mine would have had Flacco, Rice, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. You could argue for Anquan Boldin, but despite his post season success, I would still put Rice's complete season over Boldin's.

For the Ravens all-time franchise Mount Rushmore, I'd still put both Lewis and Reed, along with Jonathan Ogden and .....hmmmm. The fourth spot would be the tough one to narrow it down from Jamal Lewis, Matt Stover, Rice and Flacco. Then again, it's hard to exclude the Super Bowl MVP from his rightful place on the mountain, so I'd go with Joe.

What about considering GM Ozzie Newsome, the architect of the team, or even the two Super Bowl winning Coaches, Brian Billick and/or John Harbaugh.

Who woud be on your current and all-time Baltimore Ravens Mount Rushmore?