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Keep Calm & Wax On

Former NFL player Mike Golic, now co-host of ESPN's Mike & Mike in the Morning, is teaming with Turtle Wax to literally convince people to get outside and wash their cars to celebrate the warm weather.

Turtle Wax's Product Basket
Turtle Wax's Product Basket
Turtle Wax

What does this have to do with the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens? Well, to be perfectly honest, absolutely nothing other than the Golic/NFL/ESPN connection. However, to make reading this worth your while, there is the offer of free stuff and cool prizes, including a year's supply of Turtle Wax.

Just tweet a photo of you washing your car shirtless (please, don't post it here!), with the hashtag #waxonshirtoff.

Click on the link to read more, submit your entry and perhaps you will have the chance to win all the Turtle Wax you could possibly want, as well as a free t-shirt.

Remember, this contest is not limited to just you dudes. Then again, with the contest being titled, "Wax On / Shirt Off," perhaps my request to not post your entry photos here is a bit premature....