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Pro Football Focus Rankings? So What!

Pro Football Focus only listed four Ravens players in the top 100 of the NFL. My response? Who cares I'll keep the Super Bowl Championship, they can keep their rankings!

Patrick McDermott

Earlier this week Bruce posted an article about the Pro Football Focus player rankings where our Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens highest player ranking was #32. That player was Marshal Yanda, which is surprising because most would have thought it was Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, or Torrey Smith. But when you really think about it having only four players listed in the top 100 is what makes this team and organization so great. This is a TEAM and a team first. Matt Elam even said when he first walked into "The Castle" that the first thing he noticed was TEAM, TEAM, TEAM and he said he liked it because he’s coming from a team oriented place in Florida.

That is the concept that John Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome have built over the last 5 seasons. That this is a team and that mentality has helped create a new direction for the franchise that has culminated in 5 straight playoff appearances and most recently a Super Bowl victory. I remember during the coaching search that saw Jason Garrett turn the job down and eventually ending with John Harbaugh being the new coach of the Ravens. I said to myself "They’re really hiring a SPECIAL TEAMS coach?!?!" Once again Ozzie proved why he is the GM of an NFL team and we are fans and writers. The man has an uncanny ability to find talent and success in places that most NFL GM’s wouldn’t dare to search.

So if you ask me if I’m bothered that PFF only had four Ravens listed in their top 100 player ranking my answer is simple. Not one bit, the Ravens thrive off an underdog mentality and underestimating this organization and the city of Baltimore only brings out the best in our town. So please national media and football fans all over, please continue to tell us the Ravens aren’t the best and we’ll keep racking up the playoff appearances and hopefully the Super Bowl titles.