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Ravens' Rookie Kapron Lewis-Moore From A Notre Dame Perspective

Eric Murtaugh, Manager of SB Nation's Notre Dame blog, One Foot Down, gives Ravens fans his perspective on what the team will be getting from the defensive end selected 200th overall in last month's draft.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

When the Baltimore Ravens drafted Notre Dame DE Kapron Lewis-Moore in the 6th round of the 2013 NFL Draft, a lot of people raised one eyebrow, since KLM had just torn his knee up in the loss to Alabama in the BCS Championship Game and most likely will not play at all next season.

However, the Ravens obviously see potential in the kid, and here is the take of Eric Murtaugh on Lewis-Moore after watching him play all last season:

"I was honestly a little surprised that he ended up being drafted, especially with his injury and the fact that it came during the national title game and wrecked any chance he had of impressing scouts during workouts. I think that particularly due to the injury that he's not going to be able to make an impact as a rookie but crazier things have happened before I guess.
That said, a couple years down the road he might turn in to a quality linemen for Baltimore. I don't think he's explosive enough to be an impact starter. His quickness, agility and sack numbers just aren't a big part of his game. There's a chance that he could develop these skills with the Ravens of course, but he wasn't asked to do that at Notre Dame.

What you're going to get is a big, physical, and strong end in a 3-4 scheme who can set the edge and stop the run. If you want a lineman who can eat blocks and let your linebackers fill gaps and make tackles...Lewis-Moore is the kind of guy you want up front. I'm interested to see how his career plays out because he also brings a lot of leadership to the table. Maybe that doesn't mean as much at the NFL level but he meant a lot to one of the best Notre Dame defenses in two decades because of the type of leader he is."