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Rolando McClain's Future

How should the Ravens handle LB Rolando McClain amid his recent legal troubles?


The court room is nothing new for Rolando McClain, the former Raiders linebacker who recently signed a 1-year $700,000 contract with the Baltimore Ravens. McClain has been arrested four times, most recently for violating a window tint law, and then separately for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. McClain could play a serious role in the Ravens' defense, and as of now he is slated to play behind Jameel McClain at inside linebacker. The front office knew what baggage they were getting with McClain before they signed him, but now that he has been arrested for the second time in 3 months, Ozzie Newsome must ask himself: is this guy Raven worthy?

Assistant general manager Eric DeCosta has defended McClain saying,

"I think this about McClain, he deserves a second chance. If you asked him he would probably admit to making some mistakes. We think he warrants a second chance."

McClain's contract is hefty given all things considered, which begs the question as to whether or not the Ravens would get rid of him. DeCosta wants to hold onto McClain and see what he can contribute on the field before making any official moves to get him out of Baltimore.

It will be crucial to see how the Ravens' locker room and personnel handle McClain. If McClain can be changed for the better, could Brandon Lloyd also find a place in Baltimore?