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The Perfect Storm Back in Baltimore

Earlier this week the Ravens resigned Bryant McKinnie to a 2 year deal bringing back a key piece in the 2012-13 playoff run that ended with the Ravens winning their second Super Bowl

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Last season the Ravens offense struggled to find consistency and late in the season a few moves seemed to turn the season around. With just a few weeks to go in the season the Ravens fired Cam Cameron and promoted Jim Caldwell to offensive coordinator. The first game was rough but it improved from there.

Next something happened that seemed to put the final piece in place to create the monster that the Ravens offense became in the playoffs. Jah Reid went down with a toe injury and that caused the Ravens to put Bryant McKinnie in at left tackle and it seemed to breathe new life into an offensive line that struggled at times. There was some talk that McKinnie wouldn't return this off season and was meeting with Miami and San Diego. Earlier this week it was announced that Bic Mac returned on a two year deal and across Ravens Nation the worry about our offensive line was calmed.

We are without Anquan Boldin this year but if the Ravens can find a legitimate #2 receiver we could see an offensive season comporable to our playoff run. In other words my unsung hero for the 2012-13 season? Jah Reid's toe, which should have been NFL MVP over Adrian Peterson without a doubt. Without that injury I doubt the Ravens make the run they did.