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Unsigned Veterans Could Be Worth a Shot

Charles Woodson and Richard Seymour remain on the free agent market, could they be viable options for the Ravens?

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

There has been a massive roster turnover this offseason in Baltimore, especially on the defensive side of the ball. These losses include a number of veterans and key team leaders like Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Anquan Boldin, and Matt Birk. So far, the Ravens have done an adequate job in their efforts to replace those veterans, adding a number of free agents including Chris Canty, Marcus Spears, Michael Huff, Rolando McClain and Elvis Dumervil. These players, while talented, don't exactly bring the same veteran leadership and experience to the locker room as the aforementioned four. The way I see it, there are two invaluable veteran leaders still on the free agent market in former Raiders DL Richard Seymour and former Packers CB/S Charles Woodson.

While father time waits for no man, I think that Seymour and Woodson still have a lot of value to offer a team, especially for a perennial contender like the Ravens who are looking for veteran leadership. Not only would these players bring experience and leadership to bolster the atmosphere in the locker room, but it could also be a great asset in helping the Ravens avoid the Super Bowl hangover. While the Ravens did a lot this offseason to help bolster a defensive line that struggled mightily last season against the run, more depth in the trenches certainly wouldn't hurt. Richard Seymour is one of the best the defensive linemen in the history of the game and fits very well in a 3-4 scheme, he is also incredibly versatile and can play any position on the defensive line.The Ravens' secondary, however, is a different story, there is some uncertainty at key positions. The Ravens lost Cary Williams at cornerback, and while Williams is easily replacable, his apparent replacements are rather unexperienced playing on the outside. There is also the question of whether or not Lardarius Webb will be able to return to the lineup at 100% following a season-ending ACL tear. Charles Woodson would not only add leadership, experience, and depth to the defensive backfield, but he also brings versatility as he can play free safety as well as cornerback. Woodson is also a film room junkie, similar to Ed Reed, and can be very effective as a free-roam player in the secondary and coming off the edge on blitzes. Due to the lack of interest in these aging veterans, they could be available at a very reasonable price and are well worth consideration.