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Mel Kiper Believes Ravens Should Trade Down


With the NFL Draft heating up, many Baltimore Ravens fans are becoming increasingly excited to find out who Ozzie Newsome is going to draft on the first night. However ESPN NFL Draft guru, Mel Kiper believes that the Baltimore Ravens could be interested in trading down for the second year in a row.

Mel Kiper: “I think trading down is always an option at 32. No. 32 is a spot where it’s the last pick of the first day. Teams always want to get their jobs done before you get into day two, which gives teams a whole morning and afternoon to get ready for day two.” (via ESPN)

While this is a move that is sure to leave some fans momentarily disappointed, it could very well end up being a reality as Ozzie Newsome is always looking for a way to get the biggest bang for his buck, even if it requires trading down in the draft.

Personally I believe that the Baltimore Ravens could consider trading up seeing that they have the lowest possible 1st round draft pick and an abundance of other draft picks which he could use as trade-amo to move up. I think Ozzie Newsome is in a situation where he has unlimited flexibility with how he can approach this year's draft; just how he likes it.