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Flacco Hiding Under Johnny Unitas' Helmet

Before any Baltimore Ravens or Baltimore Colts fans get upset at the headline above, read on to understand the meaning behind, or perhaps, underneath it.

No fans of the Baltimore Ravens and specifically QB Joe Flacco will ever begin to compare him to the legendary Baltimore Colts QB Johnny Unitas. At least not quite yet.

Despite winning Super Bowl XLVII and being named the game's MVP, Flacco's name has never been mentioned in the same sentence as Unitas'. Until now.

A story on references one in The Baltimore Sun that Flacco will play Unitas in an upcoming movie chronicling his life, called "Unitas We Stand," co-written by Johnny's son, Joe, along with Nick Slatkin. Before anyone labels Flacco the "next great football player-turned-Hollywood-star," Joe's role will be limited to playing John in the final few scenes of the Colts 1958 NFL Championship Game sudden-death victory over the New York Giants.

His limited appearance will be while wearing the Baltimore Colts helmet and hence, the aforementioned headline.

See and read more on the film's official website.

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