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Should Ravens Have Thrown Out First Pitch?

Apparently the Orioles tried to contact the Ravens about having someone throw out the first pitch at opening day but no one was available.

Rob Carr

When you are in a city in which the home town football team just won the Super Bowl it should be mandatory that a player from that team throws out the first pitch on opening day of that towns baseball team. At least a coach or something right?

However that was not the case yesterday at Camden Yards where a packed stadium got to watch a thrilling opening day win by the Baltimore Orioles. Instead the Orioles had a touching tribute to Earl Weaver in which there was no first pitch throw, simply a ball left lonesome on the pitchers mound for a moment of silence.

Word around the Baltimore airwaves, via 105.7 The Fan, is that the Orioles contacted the Ravens but they "had no one available to attend their ceremony at this time". Well, that kinda sucks for your local Baltimore sports fan. You only win the Super Bowl very so often, I think an appearance from anyone would have been nice. I heard Jah Ried was in attendance... Well, maybe that is a stretch.

Could this be sour grapes over the NFL season opener fiasco? Seems possible now but the Ravens went out of their way to thank the Orioles for trying to work it out. I guess you never know...