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Inside Loses Depth, But That's OK

Brendon Ayanbadejo was the key to the Ravens special teams, but his departure was necessary to stick to the off-season paradigm.

Scott Halleran

Earlier this week, the Ravens released 3 time Pro Bowler, Brendon Ayanbadejo, ending the run of one of the Brothers Ayanbadejo being on the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens did the right thing to one of the oldest (36) members of the team.

The Ravens are making a conscious effort to get younger. Winning a Super Bowl gives the team a bit of leeway to maybe try and rebuild…sorry, retool. It looked as though Brendon was going to slip into the middle linebacker platoon, but many thought this was a bad idea and I agreed.

Ayanbadejo was on the team last year for one reason and that was to play special teams. He is an outstanding special teamer, but the Ravens can’t really afford to have these players on the team. The Ravens are not deep enough on defense to have one of the 53 spots being taken up by a defensive player that doesn’t contribute.

In his time in Charm City, he only started 4 games in 4 seasons. This past season, he played more MLB than he had before, but only recorded 16 tackles.

Brandon is just the latest in the parade of middle linebackers to walk out the door leaving the Ravens with less and less depth. Josh Bynes, Albert McClellan, and Jameel McClain will need to carry the load for now. I still believe that the Ravens will either draft or pick up a MLB in free agency. Karlos Dansby is an attractive option at the right price. The draft also includes some big names in the first and second rounds for the position. The Ravens needed to get younger and that is what they are doing.