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This Year's Ravens Will Be Fun To Watch

Say what you want about the player losses and new additions, but the 2013 version will be a lot of fun to watch!

Baltimore Ravens' M&T Bank Stadium (1/15/2013)
Baltimore Ravens' M&T Bank Stadium (1/15/2013)
Bruce Raffel

The Baltimore Ravens may be the defending Super Bowl Champions, but the team you will see out on the field in 2013, especially on the defensive side of the ball, hardly resembles the one that hoisted the Lombardi Trophy only three short months ago.

Six starters are gone from the defense. Three are gone from the offense. That's almost half of the 22 starters combined on both sides of the ball. Yet, while some may same the team is rebuilding, true fans will challenge that, saying all GM Ozzie Newsome, head coach John Harbaugh and staff are doing, is reloading for another run at the ultimate goal.

Either way, the 2013 version will be an interesting viewing on a weekly basis, especially at the beginning. Football is the ultimate team game and chemistry usually matters as much, if not more than individual ability. However, if the team as it is being re-tooled, meshes like everyone is hoping, this could be a very good team and dare we say, even better than the 2012 version?

Regardless, you will definitely want to get you Baltimore Ravens tickets and watch this season unfold. Definitely younger and arguably faster, the question will be is this a Ravens team that will rely on its defense to put the team in position to win, or will the newly wealthy Joe Flacco carry the team on his broad shoulders?

Ultimately, the 16 regular season games will answer all of these questions, but in the meantime, it's a great time to be a Ravens fan and the best way to do so will be to see them live and in person once the games begin in just over four months.