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Ravens Make Top 100 List But Get No Love

Two players from last season's Super Bowl winning team made the NFL's Top 100 Players of 2013 List of numbers 100-91, but not everyone was convinced they deserved it.


The NFL is releasing their Top 100 Players of 2013 List a week at a time and so far numbers 100-91 have been revealed. Two members of the Baltimore Ravens from 2012 made this group, although one is no longer with the team.

WR Anquan Boldin came in at number 93, but one comment said that he only made the list off of his post-season play and really didn't deserve inclusion. Boldin's listing, however, came nowhere near the negative comments surrounding the naming of TE Dennis Pitta as #100 to start off the list.

Pitta has long been a fan favorite in Baltimore, known by fans and teammates as having as good a pair of hands as any tight end in the game. With other high-profile tight ends in the league, such as Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham and Tony Gonalez, Pitta's name rarely gets mentioned when discussing the top ones in the NFL.

However, all Dennis does is catch the ball, regardless where it is thrown and regardless of what is about to happen to him as soon as he does. He caught TD passes in each of the Ravens playoff wins, proving while Boldin had more touchdowns and catches in the postseason, Pitta was QB Joe Flacco's go-to target.

Many of the comments not only questioned the inclusion but said flat out that Dennis had no business being on the list at all. That's all fine with him, as he will gladly use the 2013 season as proof not only that he belongs on the list, but also in the discussion of the best in his position in the league.

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