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Should Ravens Have Made Play For Asomugha?

Are the Ravens set at corner for 2013? Apparently they think so...


The Baltimore Ravens lost their most consistent corner back from last seasons Super Bowl winning team and are putting their faith in oft-injured number one corner Lardarius Webb to take over his position in 2013. After seeing, once highly touted corner, Nnamdi Asomugha sign with the San Francisco 49ers for less than two million dollars for one season, should the Ravens have made a play for Asomugha?

The Ravens are not the only successful bargain shoppers in NFL free agency. The San Francisco 49ers brought in Asomugha for pennies on the dollar for 2013. The Ravens on the other hand will depend on a secondary that is about as unproven as you can get in the NFL. Assuming the team will rely on Lardarius Webb to take over for Cary Williams as the the top corner, the Ravens will field a trio of Corey Graham, Jimmy Smith and Webb to start the season. that is asking a lot from Webb, who is coming off his second major surgery in three seasons, and Smith who some had labeled as a bust prematurely. Graham had a solid 2012 season and looks to be a viable option for the second corner or slot position depending on how the Ravens view Webb.

If the team could have signed Asomugha to a short, incentive laden deal as the 49ers did it could at least have taken some of the pressure off of Webb. Is he worth it? Nearly two million for one season, yes, he is. Sure, he is not the same player that made the big free agent splash in Philadelphia a few years ago but he definitely could have added some solid veteran depth to, what looks to be, a shaky Ravens secondary in 2013.