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Looks Like Ed Reed Wasn't Wanted By Ravens

When the Ravens safety was signed by the Houston Texans, most Ravens fans expressed disappointment that he didn't stay in Baltimore.


Apparently, the team didn't share the optimism as their fans, as it appears the Baltimore Ravens never really tried to retain the future Hall of Fame player.

According to similar stories on and the National Football Post, Ed Reed never received a serious offer from the Ravens and while the Texans may not have known that they possibly were his only real suitors, Baltimore never publicly came out and said as much.

Both articles even goes as far to quote The Baltimore Sun's Mike Preston, comparing head coach John Harbaugh's desire to have Reed return to wanting "a root canal."

Fans of Baltimore Beatdown who know of Preston's writings know that he loves to stir the pot with controversial opinions and while this one may or may not be true, it was obvious that had the Ravens wanted Reed to return, they could have made him a much better offer that he might have definitely accepted if the numbers were a lot closer.

It's doubtful that the full truth on this will ever be disclosed, although the only thing necessary to know at this point is that Reed will play for the Houston Texans in 2013, while Michael Huff will not patrol center field as the Ravens free safety.