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The Caldwell Connection

Jim Caldwell will be entering his first full season as the Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator.


There were several subtle differences and several major differences in the Baltimore Ravens offensive game plan last season when Jim Caldwell Took over for Cam Cameron. The more noticeable difference was that the offense was better able to get the best out of their players, most noticeably Anquan Boldin. Then, there were the little subtle differences that your average Ravens fan probably wouldn't even notice, like running more out of one back sets or lining up four and even five wide to spread out the defense. In any case, subtle or not, the changes made the Ravens offense better and less predictable.

Another player that Caldwell was able to get the best out of was quarterback Joe Flacco who had the best stretch of his career in the short time he and Caldwell were paired. Jim was able to see Flacco's strengths and improve upon them, while limiting the situations in which his weaknesses were exposed. 2013 could be a huge year for Flacco if he is able to continue in this pattern.

All off season fans have worried about how they would replace Anquan Boldin. This is understandable since Boldin helped carry this team to the Super Bowl and his chemistry with Flacco seemed to improve each week under the new system. However, if Caldwell was suddenly able to get the best out of Boldin, who had previously been somewhat of a disappointment in Cameron's system, then shouldn't he be able to do the same with Torrey Smith, Jacoby Jones, Ed Dickson, Tandon Doss and whoever else the Ravens see fit to add to their offense this season.

It seems that the Ravens offensive issues the last few seasons have been more about scheme than personnel.
That being said the team is still in need of a solid left tackle. Kelechi Osemele could be an answer for all anyone knows but why move a Pro Bowl caliber guard out of a position he can be dominant in? Whatever the Ravens decide to do it is nice to know that they finally have an offensive coordinator that will get the best out of whoever they do have on the field.