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Kyle Juszcyk Can Do It All

Ravens new fullback does a lot more than just block.


Similar to ex-49er Delanei Walker, who put a monster special teams hit on Jacoby Jones in the Super Bowl, Kyle Juszcyk is a Swiss army knife on the football field. Juszcyk can line up at fullback, half back, tight end and plays a ton of special teams.

Some are speculating that the drafting of Juszcyk means the Raven are going to say goodbye to Vonta Leach. This could be true but the Ravens seem to have some different plans for Kyle than just blocking for ,Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce. In a conference call between the Ravens and their new draftee, Jusczyk was told the team sees him lining up at tight end and even out wide as a receiver.

The Ravens brass was disappointed that they did not come out of the draft with a tight end but if you watch Juszcyk's highlight reel you will see that it looks like they came away with a very good tight end and a guy that is next to impossible to tackle.

If Ravens fans can learn how to say Juszcyk's name I'm sure he will quickly become a fan favorite here in Charm City.