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2013 NFL Draft Grade: Baltimore Ravens

My Grade For The Draft


Going into the draft I had very high expectations for this year's draft and for the most part I was not let down. Throughout the course of the draft the Baltimore Ravens managed to fill every single one of their needs at OL, DL, LB, S, and even added a bit of depth at WR and FB.

My favorite picks from this year's draft have to be Matt Elam and Arthur Brown. Both of these guys look like the type of hard-hitting, deep-hearted guys the Ravens defense was built on for over a decade. And while it would certainly be ridiculous for me (or anyone else, really) to say that these guys are "replacing" Ed Reed and Ray Lewis, they certainly look like they have the potential to be solid players in the NFL and hopefully help put the Baltimore Ravens' defense back on top.

And while I certaintly can't say I dislike any pick, as it would be blasphemy for me to go against Ozzie Newsome's draft strategy, I do have to say that I was a bit surprised when Baltimore decided to draft Kyle Juszczyk, the fullback out of Harvard. While he seems like a solid player that can be a be a factor in the passing game, I feel like the Baltimore Ravens should've drafted another player considering we have the best fullback in the league with Vontae Leach. However, I look forward to seeing what Kyle can contribute to this team, as well as what all of the other players can contribute as well.

Overall I was very pleased with this draft and would have to give it a B+