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With the 32nd pick, the Baltimore Ravens select...

As usual, the 2013 NFL Draft has not gone anywhere like the overwhelming majority of Mock Drafts predicted, and therefore, it left excellent options for the Ravens, who picked...


Matt Elam, safety (Florida). Elam is considered one of the hardest hitting safeties in the draft, despite being listed at only 5'10" and 208 pounds.

Check out what says about him:

A two-year starter as part of the Gators' secondary, Matt Elam will put forward one of the best highlight reels of any prospect in this class due to his big hits and personality on the field. Elam has been a coveted player his entire life, entering the college ranks as the top high school safety prospect after being coached by Jack Daniels, a Florida alum. In fact, his older brother Abe Elam has paved the way for Matt to make it in the NFL. He was a two way player in high school, but Elam made the transition to safety shortly after focusing on special teams during his freshman season in 2010.