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2013 NFL Draft Open Thread

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening, fellow fans of the Baltimore Ravens, the 2013 NFL Draft is officially upon us. Tonight will mark the beginning of many players' careers. This is a very exciting night for these young men excited to begin their professional career, talent-starved teams in the NFL, and crazed football fanatics such as you and I.

The names you hear called tonight are sure to turn out to be stars in the NFL, busts, or perhaps even Hall-of-Famer's in the years to come. At this point, however, no-one knows how these young prospect's careers will turn out, and that's what is perhaps the most exciting part of tonight's festivities. All we as fans can do is sit back and watch their careers progress.

On that note, the time has dawned for the beginning of tonight's festivities. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the NFL Draft. Welcome to the future.