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2013 NFL Draft: Today Is The Day

Draft day is finally upon us. Who do you want to see the Ravens pick in the first round?

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

So many mock drafts and so many guesses as to who the Baltimore Ravens will pick or what they may do at pick 32. It's hard to sift through all the BS and figure out what is for real and what is not.

There are a few things we do know. The Ravens need a safety, a middle linebacker a wide receiver and a left tackle in the worst way. Knowing this, there are plenty of options to be had in every round. For the sake of argument let's focus on today's round one and get feedback from each of our readers about who they think the Ravens want and why.

Baltimore may not be able to trade up far enough to get an elite left tackle but that doesn't mean they wont try. I tend to like the though of getting one of the top tier wide receivers in the first. Although the Ravens do not have a great track record with first round receivers if there is no left tackle available receiver may be their next biggest need in my opinion.

What do you think my fellow beatdowners? who should the Ravens pick and why???