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Baltimore Ravens May Trade Up For Lane Johnson

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

It has been rumored today that the Baltimore Ravens have been keeping a "close-eye" on Lane Johnson, the offensive tackle from Oklahoma. Lane Johnson is ranked as the third-best offensive lineman coming into the NFL Draft and will likely go in the top-15. While this may seem like the type of player who will be gone before the 32nd pick, the Baltimore Ravens currently have 12 draft picks and could very possibly combine a few of them to trade up for the highly-touted prospect.

With Bryant McKinnie's status for the 2013 season up in the air, and Michael Oher's inability to effectively play on the"blind-side" in the NFL, this move would possibly fill a major need for the Baltimore Ravens. A fantasy of mine would be to see Lane Johnson drafted in the first round and possibly take Barrett Jones from Alabama in the 2nd or 3rd round, shoring up our offensive-line for years to come.

I am afraid that I will be unable to be with you guys for the majority of the night tomorrow, however I hope you all have a very enjoyable "Draftmas" tomorrow and get everything you asked for.