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Current Favorite For The Third Receiving Spot?

Who, currently on the Ravens roster, has the best shot at landing the number three receiving spot.


Most likely the Baltimore Ravens will use an early to mid round draft pick on a wide receiver to compete for Anquan Boldin's old position. For now, however, the Ravens are left with a group of highly unproven but intriguing prospect that will be vying for the slot receiver position.

1.) La'Qan Williams

A former undrafted fee agent out of Maryland who was credited with high praise from former college teammate and current number one receiver for our Ravens Torrey Smith. Williams has shown good speed and hands and is a standout player on special teams. LaQuan has gotten some in game playing time, sparingly, showing that the coaches are intrigued in what the speedy young receiver is capable of.

2.) Tommy Streeter

Streeter is big and strong. He embodies everything the Ravens would want out of their third receiving option. Unfortunately he still need a lot of work on his route running and can suffer from shaky hands syndrome at times. Streeter was a 6th round pick by the Ravens last year but spent the majority of the season on
IR, possibly to groom him before the team gives him a real shot Streeter stands 6'5 and weighs 220 lbs. The Ravens would like to see him fill out a bit more to fight for balls over the middle although he is already at a great size.

3.) David Reed

Despite having multiple on-the-field and off-the-field issues the Ravens have continuously help onto Reed. David was a former 5th round pick of Baltimore's. He stands 6'0" and weighs 180 lbs. Reed does play great speacial teams as a gunner and returner but has never shown much on the offensive side of the ball. To be fair he has been often injured and suspended at times as well for his love of Marijuana. Reed has great speed and good hands. Maybe this year will be his chance to show why the team has stuck with him through so much.

4.) Tandon Doss

Doss will forever be the " receiver that Flacco picked". For those that don't know. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was given a list of mid round receiver prospects to choose from the year Doss was drafted. After careful film study Flacco decided on Reed stating that" he has great hands and appears easy to throw the ball to"

Thus far Flacco and Doss haven't had many in game opportunities to grow their forgone chemistry but the Ravens did elect to get Doss on the field at the end of last season, calling his number frequently I might add. Perhaps this was done knowing that the team would be without Anquan Boldin in 2013. Perhaps they were just trying to get a better look at Doss before this years draft. Either way the results were unspectacular to say the least.

Doss has shown some explosiveness. He scored the only offensive touchdown against the Houston
Texans last season on a scree route which he ran perfectly. Coming out of Indiana Doss was known for his exceptional hands but he has only shown that quality a few times during games. HE is credited with making some pretty amazing catches in practice though so maybe he is ready to step up.

5) Tori Gurly

Have to admit I don't know much about Gurley. I didn't even know he was on the Ravens roster until recently. As for what I know is that he has good size and speed standing at 6'4" 232 lbs. and he ran a 4.4 40 yard dash at the combine.

Gurly was signed to the Green Bay Packers practice squad July 25th 2012. He later turned down an offer to join the Minnesota Vikings 53 man roster to sta6y on the Packers practice squad. He then spent time with the Vikings, Raiders, Buccaneers and Chargers before landing with the Ravens.

Tori has good size, speed and athleticism but for whatever reasons he has not caught on anywhere yet. He is rumored to be picky for an undrafted player that hasn't played an NFL game yet. Maybe that is a good thing. Perhaps Gurly will make the most of his opportunity here in Baltimore.

6.) Deonte Thompson

Lastly but not least the Raven have speedy walk on Deonte Thompson. Last seasons training camp sensation, Thompson has shown thew ability to take the top off of the defense and has also made a slew of circus catches in last seasons training camp.

The Ravens are in need of a possession receiver but you can never have enough burners as well. Hopefully Thompson has spent the off season working on his intermediate route running and will wow the coaches ans players again by showing a diversity that he lacked last year. Here is a guy that I am truly hoping for to find a way onto the roster. Thompson can also return punts and kicks so he has another leg up on some of the competition.