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Machine Makes All Ravens Draft Picks

A machine predicted all seven rounds of the 2013 NFL Draft and here is who it selected for the Ravens.

USA TODAY Sports went through the entire 2013 NFL Draft and made the picks it thinks the team should be taking, based on a complete evaluation of every team's strength, weakness and individual player's talent. The computer took all this and more into consideration and made the player selections based on the analysis of every college player in the draft.

The Prediction Machine's picks represent what each team should be doing, taking into account their current roster and needs. For the Baltimore Ravens, here are all eleven players it took, in each round, with the overall pick in parentheses.

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Round 1 (Pick 32): Khaseem Greene, ILB (Rutgers)

Round 2 (Pick 62): Nigel Malone, CB (Kansas State)

Round 3 (Pick 94): Markell Rice, S (American International)

Round 4 (Pick 129): Mike Glennon, QB (NC State)

Round 4 (Pick 130): Emmett Cleary, OT (Boston College)

Round 5 (Pick 165): Tavarres King, WR (Georgia)

Round 6 (Pick 199): Kemal Ishmael, S (UCF)

Round 6 (Pick 200): Matt Evans, ILB (New Hampshire)

Round 6 (Pick 203): JC Tretter, OG (Cornell)

Round 7 (Pick 238): Allen Chapman, CB (Kansas State)

Round 7 (Pick 247): Brent Russell, DT (Georgia Southern)