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Will Rolando McClain Arrest Affect Ravens Draft Strategy?

Could the Ravens see inside linebacker of more a priority now?


The Baltimore Ravens came out and said that they were simply giving troubled former Raider linebacker Rolando McClain "an opportunity to make their roster" by signing him to an incentive laden deal. Now McClain, less than two weeks after becoming a Raven, has gotten in trouble with the law again. The Ravens linebacker reportedly screamed obscenities at police officers after an indecent involving his car and was arrested on disorderly conduct charges.

Not quite a felony perhaps but still, it shows that maybe the young mans troublesome history isn't history at all. It may simply be who he is. The Ravens,on the other hand, have spent the last few weeks preparing for the NFL Draft. In signing McClain it took a bit of pressure off of the team as far as the middle linebacker position was concerned. McClain has NFL experience and the team hoped he would challenge for a starting position no matter what they have told the media. They would not have signed him otherwise.

Now that he has, again, run in with the law will Baltimore change whatever strategy they may have already come up with? Or, do they still see McClain as a man that can help this team? It is a shame that is has to come to this so soon. Rolando has not even suited up as a Raven yet and he may never at this point. The Ravens organization must have learned something from the Sergio Kindle incident. I doubt they want that headache again.