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Rolando McClain's Ravens Career Might Be Over

Even though he has yet to step onto the field in a uniform, the troubled former Alabama star may never get the chance.


As notified from an earlier story in SBNation's Oakland Raiders blog, Silver & Black Pride, former Raiders and current Baltimore Ravens LB Rolando McClain has been arrested again, once again for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Originally reported by WHNT 19 News in Decatur, Alabama, McClain was with a group of people and was asked to leave the scene but refused, instead deciding to hurl obscenities at the police officers. Apparently, he has a distaste for law enforcement, since according to the story, in his previous arrest back in January, when pulled over for having illegally tinted windows on his car, he signed the ticket, "F*ck Yall!"

Now the Ravens have a decision to make. Do they want to try to rehabilitate a young man who still cannot seem to understand the definition of staying out of trouble. GM Ozzie Newsome convinced McClain to sign with the team, for the paltry sum of only $700,000, although none of it is guaranteed.

Could Baltimore release Rolando before he even has a chance to show the team how good of a player he could be playing with a quality organization like Baltimore? The Ravens have a history of dealing well with players who have been in trouble with the law and end up as solid citizens and quality players.

If McClain gets cut from the Ravens after this incident, there is the likelihood that no other team will give him another chance and he could see his promising renewal of his NFL go right down the drain.

Which side of the coin will McClain end up on?