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Reed Over Flacco?

The NFL Network recently asked the question "who will win between Ed Reed and Joe Flacco" when the Ravens play the Texans?

Patrick Smith

With all the drummed up hype surrounding the NFL schedule release this year the NFL Network devoted an entire show on the subject. As you would guess the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens were brought up quite a bit. One of the most talked about games was the reunion of Ed Reed and the Ravens when the Houston Texans come to town. The question was asked "who will win the battle between Ed Reed and Joe Flacco?" and the majority of the analysts picked Ed Reed.

As a Ravens fan who has watched the evolution of Joe Flacco and the decline of Ed Reed every game for the last five seasons. I have to say I disagree with their assessments. Ed Reed is still a fine safety, as long as you don't need him in run support, or to tackle at all for that matter, but Joe Flacco abuses safeties. I'm not sure how anyone truly knowledgeable about the situation could see it any different.

The analysts stated that Reed got to practice against Joe for his entire career. Wouldn't that be true for Flacco as well? Joe may have learned how to beat good safety play from practicing against the best for years.

What do you think Ravens Nation? Who will win between the Ravens future and their past?