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Some Old Friends: More Schedule Analysis

The Ravens will get to see some familiar faces in new places this season.

Thomas B. Shea

The Ravens schedule is out, so the analysis continues. This year’s slate of teams has given us the unique opportunity to see our old friends in their new threads.

Paul Kruger will be in the building when the Cleveland Browns come to visit for our Super Bowl celebration. It’s doubtful that he will be involved in the festivities, but he will be able to see some of his old teammates on the most celebratory of football Sundays.

Week 2’s game against the Browns is followed up by a very strange visit to M&T Bank Stadium. Ed Reed will be coming back in the blue and red of the Houston Texans. It will be incredibly strange to have him in the stadium and not do his slow walk through the smoke. I am hoping that Ed gets an incredible reception from the fans as he has meant so much to our team and city for so long.

Lastly, the Ravens will travel down to South Beach to play the Miami Dolphins. Dannell Ellerbe will be waiting for us down there and he will feel right at home, as there will be plenty of purple and black clad maniacs in the stadium. The Ravens had a mass departure through free agency in the off-season, but will have the opportunity to beat their respective teams.

The last schedule note I would like to bring up is the four year tradition of playing the NFC North. Maybe the most storied division in the NFL, it is always exciting to play the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions. The Ravens have the opportunity to play at wonderful Soldier Field as well. Playing these teams makes the schedule tougher, but we are the Super Bowl champs, it is supposed to be tough.